Sunday, May 31, 2015

A day with my umi and abi

The last time we spent a day like this was a year ago. I've got pretty emotional and wanted to capture the whole thing, but my phone died so quickly 'cause I forgot to charge it the night before, so here's a photo of my mom and dad from the back holding hands. I know it's lame. Who took a photo of their parents from the back? But I do quite enjoy watching them as they walking together. It's like, my heart is overwhelming with their love.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Exploring Thailand

(The following story is our trip to 3 different countries in 8 days' time, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. If you'd like to know the beginning, click here)

The tickets to Thailand were bought by ko Cornel a week before our planned date, because he's the one who stays in Malaysia and did the honor, since we can't access their main website. The tickets were supposed to be for 6 people, but the other two canceled, left only 4 tickets that were valid. We went to KL Sentral and headed for Senandung Langkawi train. A lot of people were already queuing in the lobby. Another tourists and backpackers were also there and the journey had just began.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Exploring Malaysia


(The following story is our journey across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in 8 days' time. If you'd like to know the first part, click here)

The mysterious lady announces over the speaker that we were already in Kranji. We exited the station and started searching for Bus 170. Luckily, our bus arrived sooner. As we got into the bus, it was already packed and there were no space for us to sit, so we had to stand between our giant suitcases, trying not to fall at the same time. Believe me, it was so hard to stand straight on the moving bus.

The bus eventually stopped after couple minutes drive and the driver said that we entering the immigration before leave Singapore through the border. We had no clue what we were  going to do next and we just end up following other people.

I lined up in the immigration office and wait for my turn. I told you before that we have no clue what's happening when the people from the same bus as we are, running so fast toward the exit door like there's no tomorrow. I throw signal to Astried and assuming that we were in danger. We were not in real danger, but our bus was about to leave with or without us. So, we sprinted like a mad dog.

I manage to ran even though it was hard enough dragging my suitcase while running. Our brain function doesn't  work properly too, made us stand in a wrong line instead.

The co driver gone completely crazy. He scream out of his lungs calling the passenger. Yet we were stuck in here. We can't go back, 'cause there were bunch of people behind us in the queue and they were all old people. Maybe we could wait for the next bus. At least we were still together, right? But then I saw Astried throws her bag out of the fence and she jumped. For a moment I lost my mind, I refused to follow her, but we don't have much time. I looked behind my back again for the last time and the lady were smiling, like she was saying 'come on, you can do it'. I thought, yeah, what the hell,  you're right. So I did the same thing, except I didn't throw my suitcase, I slide it thru the bottom of the fence.

Astried was already in the bus, she kept telling the co driver to wait for me, even though he seems so upset about it. And you know what, I was the third of the last person whose got in. But for the record, my suitcase cause injuries to couple passengers while I try to get in and out of the bus. That suitcase accidentally tread on people foot. Twice. Imagine 22lbs landed on your toes. Sorry bruh!

Once we arrived at JB Central that look magnificent (after another interviews with the immigration), we stayed in the line of people walking towards nowhere (we had commitment to follows every human being). I thought maybe we switched bus to the one that leads for Larkin. But of course we lost (again) in the middle of big ass station.

Astried finally talked to the information lady and she told us, with energetic voice that, yes, we screwed up. Our bus has left, of course we could still use that bus until Larkin Station. What we did instead, were wandering around and follows group of people which bring us to dead end. Yet she says again, if we lucky there was one bus that also headed to Larkin station.

We then left and went to place where buses parked on floor bellow. We tried asking people, but there were a lot of confusing answers once in your life that messing up the whole information. We've asked, at least in my count, 10 people and their answers were made us more confused. We've been walking back and forth like tennis ball for minutes. No future indeed. 

Until someone actually yelled Larkin Station... Larkin Station. Like it was sent by the Almighty God to help us. We turned our head in sync and there was that bus in the end of the road. We ran as fast as we can, hopped into the bus and sat there. It takes an hour and RM 1,5 to Larkin Station. I finally realized that we were already in Malaysia. We were so worn out and hungry that we forgot who we are and where we are. We've accomplished one of our bucket list. Astried and I high-fived so loud that all the passengers' eyes lay upon us.

I wander if we were really in Johor Bahru. The surroundings not too surprising, nothing like the experience I had back in Singapore. From JB station to Larkin was not that far, thereabout half hour to one hour. Mind the traffic though. It was more jammed and Indonesia-ish in here. We heard Indonesian songs in the radio couple times that day and the driver sung along quite well. Seriously. I don't want to start on that. I felt like I was on the bus to my way home. Maybe we are heading back to home and this whole journey is a lie. But apart from that, that was a lovely evening.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I've made this post randomly in regular day while eating my favorite chicken soup and listening to my favorite current song, George Ezra's Listen to the Man. I don't why I came up with this idea showing people what's inside someone's bag, well, me in particular. I just can't hijack someone's bag on the street and revealing what's the content of their bag, well, I can't do that, can I?

Maybe you saw the same tittle or post that similar to my post here, in someone else blog or youtube, cause that's where I got the inspiration. I watch way too much beauty gurus in youtube. Guilty. Okay, let's just jump to the point. I bought this bag from my sister-in-law, ordinary bag, there's no famous label on it. I'm not the kind person that into branded stuff. Because, first: I don't really care about fashion and trend. Second: I'm hella broke.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exploring Singapore

Hello there!

I've recently returned from a trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand where we spent the last 8 days chasing buses, sleeping in trains, to airplane. My friend, Astried and I had planned this trip a year before. It started when she made a new passport. When we were still in a high school, we always dreamt to travel alone, whether to a foreign country or overland in our beloved city. We asked couple friends to join us. As it gets closer to the date we planned, some of our friends canceled and say they couldn't make it. This is where our fate is determined. The both of us, Astried and I (we were the ones who left in the list), never had experience traveling abroad which bring us to another problem. 

Our home situation become tense. My parents, they were questioning a lot of things, like a lot. They persuade us to cancel the whole trip's plan and get over with it. I even questioning myself, will we survive? I mean, it's a overland trip to 3 countries plus we only two young adult who had zero experience. But Astried come with a conclusion. Her friend who live in Singapore allow us to spent couple nights in her dorm, her name is Sisil. She's a nice girl. I told my parents that they can trust me and I will be home soon in only 8 days' time with my complete body. And they asked about the remaining trip that we planned. Luckily, another friend of Astried who also happen to live in Malaysia welcomes us and wanted to be our guide when we were in Malaysia. He and his friends, soon to be our travel buddies in Thailand. 

Their names are Cornelius and Jeremy. It's consider not polite if we called them by only their names, so we have to put Koko (It's literally means brother. From Mandarin, 哥哥 gege) in front of their name, 'cause both of them are Chinese. Like Koko Cornel or Koko Jere. If we shorten, just Ko Cornel is fine too. He also allow us to entrusted our luggage at his condo while we were exploring the city. The whole lodging accommodation is under control, I said.

So, our trip began on 31st January 2015. 

At 5 AM, my parents drove me to the airport. Astried and my fellow friend, Tommy, waited patiently in departure aisle. As soon as I arrived, they came great me with excitement built in their eyes. I kissed my mother a looong nice goodbye. I wish I can still come home to her caring and beautiful face. In the car, my dad waves a goodbye too.
If something ever happen to our plane and we can't make it to Singapore, this is maybe the last selfie we ever take

Our flight to Singapore, depart at 07:20 AM and arrive at 10:00 AM local time. I began felt extremely afraid. My whole body sweating yet the back of my hand and legs are cold as a dead person. I told Astried that this trip is so terrifying. But Astried seems the one who's excited. I mean, I am excited too, yet there is just a slight thing that bothered me. Well, I guess, here we are, one step to our unforgettable journey. Whatever is going to happen next, I'm ready to be responsible for my action.

Soon I know the flight is ready to take off. I sat in the middle while Astried sat beside the window. She told me she's a window person and I don't want to argue with that as long as I arrived safely I don't really care where I sit. I prayed my heart out the whole time. On my left, there's an Indonesian woman. She doesn't know how to wear the seat belt, so I help her, and also her friend who sit in the next aisle beside our seat. I bet this is their first time travel with airplane. Astried whispered to me and told that they're TKI (Indonesian Immigrant Workers, red), because their passport cover is different from us. Oh well, I learned something.

The pilot's voice wakes me up. He said, with a morning voice, that we were ready to land soon. I didn't remember I fall asleep so fast and for how long. When astried finally draws the curtain as the attendant asked, so we saw a beautiful city bellow. Harbor..., harbor is everywhere, I thought. We looked at each other and high-fived so hard. Yes. Singapore here we come.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Don't kill yourself

This is a massage I'm gonna put out here and tell anyone all over the world.

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